Announcing a new Doula Training program….

Yes, there are a lot of doula training programs out there, but we are going to be the first….for…Catholics!!!

Why a training just for Catholics? There are a lot of issues around birth that call for respect for life and to insert a certain Catholic spirit. We are not “pushing” Catholicism on any pregnant mother, but instead offering a Catholic type spirituality to our training to help women grow better in their love of Christ or whatever their beliefs. We are still here to support a mother through all aspects of pregnancy.

We have created modules under the amazing relationship with the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. So, far we have most of the modules ready–we are still developing the last two gifts plus a post-partum program right now.

FAQ–is this a full program including post-partum? Yes, we want this program to include birth doula and post-partum doula together. Can you take them separately? We will offer an option if you have birth doula or post-partum doula certification with someone else–this will be done case by case basis right now.

What about certification? Yes, we will offer certification.

What about a bereavement program? We plan to add bereavement program and/or modules that cover this later on. This section of the program will be available at a later date.

What will be the certification requirements? We are still working on some of the requirements–we hope to make them challenging but rewarding as well. We want to be comparable to DONA, CAPPA, Childbirth International.

So, how much does it cost? Please visit our website to find out more information:

We plan to offer it as low cost as possible to start! Thank you for looking!

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