Announcing new B.L.O.O.M. Program and training!

What is B.L.O.O.M.?

Bettering Lives of Outstanding Moms is a new pregnancy and postpartum outreach for mothers. BLOOM our acronym is becoming a new trend to help mothers in pregnancy to postpartum phase.

There is two versions of B.L.O.O.M. The Pregnancy support group program is tied into the Catholic Doula Program’s birth doula program if a person opts-in to do this with the training. There is also a B.L.O.O.M. Postpartum program that is tied into Catholic Postpartum program and this focuses more on postpartum issues.

The in person workshop training for B.L.O.O.M. will be held on December 11, 2015 at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Frisco, TX and will be held from 11:30 Am to 4:00 PM. Since it is just a partial day workshop, we will be focusing on the BLOOM Pregnancy training only in this workshop. You will still need to do a few assignments, etc. after the workshop (unless you are already a trained leader such as La Leche League–then we will consider waiving some of this). Cost of this workshop is $50 a person (or $75 if you order early and want a book included). We must have 3 registered by December 4, 2015 in order to keep the room for our class. Please go to and follow the links about the workshop. You can also find it on Please register early. God Bless.

Announcing Catholic Doula Workshop December 4, 2015

We just found out that the “Catholic Doula Program” at is offering an in person workshop on December 4th in Frisco, TX (Dallas area) at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church! The workshop is from 9:30 Am to 5:30 PM. There will be a break for lunch (on your own) around 11:30 Am. There will be registrations at the break time for those who want to do a 5-hour rebozo training workshop portion only. Then after lunch, the training will resume. As time allows, there maybe a question an answer session at the end.

One can register 3 ways for the workshop:

  1. As a Certified Doula Participant at the $200 rate or with Rebozo for $250
  2. As a non-certification person who might be interested later and can register for around $108 for full day plus $150 for rebozo inclusion.
  3. Register just for the Rebozo training (some other things will be covered) for the last 5 hours and that registration is around $75 to $115 depending if you want a rebozo or not.
  4. All rebozo orders must be in by end of November or subject to availability.
  5. Free book will be given to doula certification interested students and possibly another book for others depending on availability of books.
  6. Please go to and find the Eventbrite link or the Workshop link on the site to find out more information and register today!
  7. Any questions email Thank you!

Our Lady of La Leche…by Julia of Catholic Doula Program

Our Lady of La Leche by Julia of Catholic Doula Image 

Nuestra Señora de la Leche y Buen Parto (Our Lady of the Milk and Happy Delivery) is the official name of the Shrine in Florida dedicated to Our Lady. This is also the site of the “official” first Mass in the United States around 1596. (Note: Other Masses were offered before this time frame—but this is the first official location that has a shrine.)

The statue was rescued by irreverent hands around 1598. A married couple placed the Statue of Our Lady in their home. The mother was dying and babe (about to be born) was supposedly dead (stillborn). The father prayed to Our Lady and the mother delivered safely her newborn baby. The couple spread the devotion to Our Lady of La Leche. Philip II himself helped construct a shrine in honor of the statue in Spain. The Spaniards then spread the devotion to Florida when they started their missions in Florida a few  years later. The Spaniards then chose to erect a shrine in honor of Our Lady of La Leche in Florida.

So, when is the Feast day of Our Lady of La Leche?

At the Council of Ephesus, we have the doctrine defined of Our Lady being the Mother of God. This Feast Day set up for the Divine Maternity of Our Lady is October 11th. The Filipinos have adopted this feast day for the Feast of Our Lady of La Leche as well. So, this would be the proper day to celebrate Our Lady of La Leche.

Our Lady of La Leche is a great patroness for any Catholic/Christian mother. She is seen in her statue holding the Baby Child Jesus nursing Him on her right breast. It is a beautiful picture to contemplate Our Divine Lord feeding on His Beloved Blessed Virgin Mary. She is rightfully the Patroness of all nursing mothers (and even non-nursing moms!)

Include some prayers in her honor below.

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Irish Baby Names…

I admit, I love Ireland and Irish baby names. Plus, the last names even O’ Malley and O’Hara, and the Sullivans…etc.

My favorite song is “Irish Lullaby” with Bing Crosby singing…

So, here are some Irish Baby names to contemplate or think about:

This website has pronunciations of the names: and

I personally have always liked names like Bridget, Fiona, Caitlin, Sharona, Kathleen, Keera, etc.

Boy names: Patrick, David, Fergus, etc.

So, what is your favorite Irish names for babies? 😉

Lent and Pregnancy? Do they mix?

No, I am not pregnant, but I am sure some of you mamas are experiencing the joys of pregnancy this Lenten season.

So, do you have something you give up or do differently during Lent?

Our family is Catholic, so Lent is a big deal–you do something to help others, you give up something, and practice virtue during Lent.

What about your family?

What does this have to do with pregnancy? Do they mix?

Yes, in a way they do. If you are pregnant, you might already be giving up that extra cup of coffee you like to drink or soft drinks in order for baby to be healthier.

Another thing you can do as a pregnant mom is reach out to other moms during Lent. Have you thought about helping out your local pro-life crisis pregnancy center? Helping these moms to be in need might be something you can think about doing during Lent!

Our church also collects money in a tin can to help local crisis pregnancy centers. So, start your own collection if your local church does not. Let’s help these mothers keep their babies or help them adopt them out.

Now, go enjoy your cup of juice and think about how you can save a life this Lent! Image

Newborns– “No Hatting, Patting, Chatting?”

picnic_smYes, I have heard of this, “No hatting, patting, chatting.” Who has coined this term? Carla Hartley of

So, what does this mean? I can’t get a cute baby hat for my baby? Well, for immediately after birth, the baby does not need a silly stripped or “cute” hat. In fact according to some research (see resources), the idea of hat does not make sense. The mama needs to smell that baby scent right after birth. It actually helps the third stage of labor. What third stage? Many moms, parents, and whoever forget that the placenta is the actual third stage of delivery. So, the mom needs to smell that wonderful new baby scent and she cannot do so if the baby’s head is covered.

So, what if the baby gets cold? No chance as long as the baby is skin to skin immediately after birth and has blankets on top of him, then the baby is going to be just fine without the hat. In fact he might get over heated with a hat on. Labor and delivery are a lot of work, the baby’s circulation might not work so great with a hat on his head. So, take the stupid hat off. And if a nurse tries to put it on again, just continue to take it off! Tell her to throw the thing away! 😉

OK, so what about the no patting? What does this mean? Sometimes a doctor likes to pat the baby a lot to get fluids and stuff like that out of the poor kid or to get him breathing better. But, really, is it necessary? Not really. Unless the baby has a real hard time breathing, those extra pats and rubs are not necessary. Just give the baby to mom or let dad catch the baby even and then hand baby to mom. That’s all the patting that is needed. No need to clean the baby up right away. All that vermix is also good for the baby. Do not rub it off!

So, what about no chatting? Isn’t it okay to celebrate a little bit–we have a baby! Break out the champagne! Well, it is better for mom and baby after all that work of labor just to have some quiet time to get to know each other. Let mom deliver the placenta quietly and try not to talk too much. Let mom adore her little baby in her arms after delivery. Let dad cut the cord quietly (after it stops pulsating—or even after the placenta is delivered). (Or just have a lotus birth and let the cord fall off naturally later). It is quiet time now, mom and baby have been through a lot–let them rest for a few hours. Visitors can stop by later. It is best for mom and baby to have quiet time to learn how to breastfeed and get to know each other. The doula can even leave now that quiet time is here. She can always return later if mom needs extra support breastfeeding, etc. (Doula is probably ready for a break too!)

So, let’s remember these items–we should encourage moms to stop and listen to their bodies and remember–“no hatting, patting, and chatting.” Sounds good to me!

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No Hatting:

No Hatting, No Chatting, No Patting—another article:

Birth Anarchy:

Emergency Birth? This video is funny…

Go to this video:

OK, I would make sure you wait for cord to stop pulsing if you need to cut the cord–well exception of baby’s neck being too tightly wrapped around it.

Anyway, want to learn some real emergency birth skills? There’s a book titled Emergency Birth Skills:

Well, that’s our post of the day. Have a great day!

Announcing a new Doula Training program….

Yes, there are a lot of doula training programs out there, but we are going to be the first….for…Catholics!!!

Why a training just for Catholics? There are a lot of issues around birth that call for respect for life and to insert a certain Catholic spirit. We are not “pushing” Catholicism on any pregnant mother, but instead offering a Catholic type spirituality to our training to help women grow better in their love of Christ or whatever their beliefs. We are still here to support a mother through all aspects of pregnancy.

We have created modules under the amazing relationship with the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. So, far we have most of the modules ready–we are still developing the last two gifts plus a post-partum program right now.

FAQ–is this a full program including post-partum? Yes, we want this program to include birth doula and post-partum doula together. Can you take them separately? We will offer an option if you have birth doula or post-partum doula certification with someone else–this will be done case by case basis right now.

What about certification? Yes, we will offer certification.

What about a bereavement program? We plan to add bereavement program and/or modules that cover this later on. This section of the program will be available at a later date.

What will be the certification requirements? We are still working on some of the requirements–we hope to make them challenging but rewarding as well. We want to be comparable to DONA, CAPPA, Childbirth International.

So, how much does it cost? Please visit our website to find out more information:

We plan to offer it as low cost as possible to start! Thank you for looking!

Breastfeeding…good for the baby and toddler

Breastfeeding is great for the baby and the toddler. I should know. I have breastfed both my baby and toddler. What are the benefits for the older child? He still receives the antibodies to ward off infections. My husband got sick around Christmas, but no one else really got sick. Both nursing babies were well. I believe this is because of mama’s breastmilk…after all breast is best!

So, I really believe that breastmilk should be given as long as possible to a child. It helps them when they need it and sometimes it just helps them when they have a “boo-boo.” I want to hear about other moms who breastfeed. Let me know and I’ll post something about your experiences. Thank you.