Lent and Pregnancy? Do they mix?

No, I am not pregnant, but I am sure some of you mamas are experiencing the joys of pregnancy this Lenten season.

So, do you have something you give up or do differently during Lent?

Our family is Catholic, so Lent is a big deal–you do something to help others, you give up something, and practice virtue during Lent.

What about your family?

What does this have to do with pregnancy? Do they mix?

Yes, in a way they do. If you are pregnant, you might already be giving up that extra cup of coffee you like to drink or soft drinks in order for baby to be healthier.

Another thing you can do as a pregnant mom is reach out to other moms during Lent. Have you thought about helping out your local pro-life crisis pregnancy center? Helping these moms to be in need might be something you can think about doing during Lent!

Our church also collects money in a tin can to help local crisis pregnancy centers. So, start your own collection if your local church does not. Let’s help these mothers keep their babies or help them adopt them out.

Now, go enjoy your cup of juice and think about how you can save a life this Lent! Image

2 thoughts on “Lent and Pregnancy? Do they mix?

  1. instead of giving something up, although I am already giving up a ton of coffee (and wine!), I decided to watch less TV and read at least 1 book a week. I was reading SO much more before I was pregnant, and now I want to get back into it before the baby comes!

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