Announcing Catholic Doula Workshop December 4, 2015

We just found out that the “Catholic Doula Program” at is offering an in person workshop on December 4th in Frisco, TX (Dallas area) at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church! The workshop is from 9:30 Am to 5:30 PM. There will be a break for lunch (on your own) around 11:30 Am. There will be registrations at the break time for those who want to do a 5-hour rebozo training workshop portion only. Then after lunch, the training will resume. As time allows, there maybe a question an answer session at the end.

One can register 3 ways for the workshop:

  1. As a Certified Doula Participant at the $200 rate or with Rebozo for $250
  2. As a non-certification person who might be interested later and can register for around $108 for full day plus $150 for rebozo inclusion.
  3. Register just for the Rebozo training (some other things will be covered) for the last 5 hours and that registration is around $75 to $115 depending if you want a rebozo or not.
  4. All rebozo orders must be in by end of November or subject to availability.
  5. Free book will be given to doula certification interested students and possibly another book for others depending on availability of books.
  6. Please go to and find the Eventbrite link or the Workshop link on the site to find out more information and register today!
  7. Any questions email Thank you!

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